Fujiwara Tenko


Species Human





High schooler



Fujiwara Tenko is one of Videth's OCs. She doesn't appear in any series so far. She was born on March 16th 1997. As she didn't appear in any story, no backstory was developped.


Tenko is an ongoing girl who is able to protect herself(even if she doesn't look like it). She's kind and nice but can get angry easily enough. Not too fond of overly romantic stuff, she still feels good about sweet things(romance is good as long as it's not abusive). To her, love is definitely not a joke, but she doesn't like anyone particularly(so far). She's not the kind of girl who cries easily, but when she does cry, it is for a good reason(tears of happiness, anyone? Or maybe just sadness). She's interested in odd things, and likes other people's senses of humor.


  • Fujiwara is the name of a Japanese noble clan. Tenko might be from this noble line.
  • Although she looks a bit petite, she can defend herself from someone holding a knife.
  • One of Videth's friends almost fell in love with Tenko.
  • One of Videth's Yume Nikki chains feature Tenko as the main "character".
  • When creating a female character in a game, Videth will most likely go by the name "Tenko" or "TenkoTenko", or even "Tenko_me".


May 5th 2013: Character introduction

May 8th 2013: Tenko Tenko! Full-body attempt

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