Lonely Loving Tears is a script-type litterature piece -that isn't uploaded yet- written by Videth. It is supposed to be adapted into an animation. The whole story is -as Videth calls those- a Yume Nikki(Japanese for "Dream Diary").

Two main charactersEdit

The story features only two characters: Videth himself and another character named Tenshi. No information is given about her despite the fact she has a crush on Videth.


  • The title's initials are the same as the group's. It wasn't intended at all.
  • As in various Yume Nikki written by Videth, this one features a fake awakening, but was pretty much easy to spot as a fake one.
  • Tenshi's name means "Angel" in Japanese. It is unknown to anyone, including Videth, whether that could have been a clue to the end or a simple coincidence.