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Lovely Light Tachi is a group of artists and authors. We collaborate on various stories and have our own original ones. This Wiki will showcase all of them and give information (and spoilers) on plots, characters, canon references used and of course the group members!! Please if you would like to join and be a part of our team just let us know!!

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The topics of this Wiki will cover all of our individual and collab story works, links to other pages where out work is available to view/read, information on the team members and anything else you might be interested in ^^ just shoot us questions and we shall answer.


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--> MariEdit

--> PunkyEdit

--> LizyyEdit

--> VidethEdit

--> JakeEdit

--> DigitalDomain(Tirbo)Edit

--> TruthyEdit

--> ZenaMillionEdit

--> TijornEdit

--> BriiEdit

--> CarolEdit

--> LenEdit

--> YumiZettaEdit


--> The Lovely Light SagaEdit

Main Page: Lovely Light Series based on the first RPs of LLT, currently being re-written by Lizyy

--> The Color of Light SagaEdit

Main Page: Color of Light Series based on the first RP by Mari and Truthy , currently being written by Mari

--> CorkscrewedEdit

Main Page: Corkscrewed Fanfiction currently being re-written by sadielizyy , based on the RP by herself, Truthy and ZenaMillion .

--> Paper CrownsEdit

Main Page: Paper Crowns Collab novel by sadielizyy and Truthy

--> Twisted Dark ElfEdit

Main Page: Twisted Dark Elf Solo novel by sadielizyy

--> HeadphonesEdit

Main Page: Headphones

Headphones is a solo Manga/Anime project by Videth about a secondary dimension.

--> Elements of AdventureEdit

Main Page: Elements of Adventure Solo DragonFable fanfic by sadielizyy

--> Survival of the FittestEdit

Main Page: Survival to the Fittest Solo webcomic with a Biological/Taxonomic base by sadielizyy

--> The Seekers Edit

Main Page: The Seekers Solo webcomic/manga by AlchemicKami

--> Literature OneshotsEdit

Main Page: LLT Literature Oneshots List of shorts by multiple individuals of the group. 

--> PoetryEdit

Main Page: LLT Poetry List of poems by multiple individuals of the group. 

--> Script RPsEdit

Main Page: LLT Script RPs List of script format RPs by the group members. 

--> Paragraph RPsEdit

Main Page: LLT Paragraph RPs List of paragraph format RPs by the group members. 

--> Group ProjectsEdit

Main Page: Group Projects List of group projects.

Latest activityEdit

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