Dear LLT, 

   I have been meaning to type this out for a while now, but I have been unsure how to word this nor if you would be willing to hear it. Due to going through an accident that could have very well killed or seriously injured me, one that I escaped hardly scathed through pure luck, I came to realize that hatred or other negative emotions are pointless and do nothing but burden people. I never truly left on a good note, and I pushed away those who still tried to be friends with me. I was stupidly rash and immature. And I will admit I am writing out this apology for completely selfish reasons. The fact is simple. I do not do well with guilt and I felt horrible for how things ended. 

   It was all my fault and though I like to act high and mighty, I still have a degree of maturing to do myself. So, I must apologize for any way I have hurt you guys or any other trouble I caused. Yes, you are online people, but that doesn't mean you are fake and incapable of sincere emotion. I hope you can see with this how really sorry I am. With that, I will tell you what I should have said when I first left you guys. Though we may not be friends anymore, I hope you all have a truly wonderful life. Continue on all that your guys work on, for your talent is more than you may give yourselves credit for. I do not ask you to forgive me, but to simply live your lives without letting this bother you. Though I have a feeling that perhaps I am the only sap who likes to hold onto everything. ^.^"

                                                                                            Sincerely for the Last Time, 


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