YumiZetta, or just Yumi, is one of the cuties from Lovely Light Tachi. All of her work is connected to art, be it theater, singing, drawing, and such. She likes every kind of art. As of yet, she's not very fluent with English, but Videth is helping her for the chatting.

She's been dating Videth since June 6th 2013.


Yumi is a very friendly but shy girl. She is loyal, caring(she cares about Videth more than she does about herself) and cute, though she refuses to admit she is cute, even though everyone says that. She will help her friends whenever she can, though she often feels guilty for things that weren't her fault. She likes silly and random things. She likes hugs. She is fond of coke, and starts being silly/random when she drinks some.

LLT HistoryEdit

Before joining LLT, she had started dating Videth. About a month later, Videth just invited her in LLT. That's practically everything there is to say about her story in LLT so far, since she joined about a year after the creation of LLT.



Videth is the one who invited Yumi into Lovely Light Tachi. YumiZetta and Videth met while playing osu!. At first they didn't talk a lot, but then started talking more and more, before eventually starting to mic chat daily. Afterwards they did a first cam chat. On June 6th 2013, Videth confessed to her. Hopefully, the love was a two way love. Since then, they've started dating. They get into fights fairly often, but they always end up with a happy ending to the problem. Yumi nicknamed Videth "Vivi"(so does Punky), sometimes along with a Japanese suffix(so far she has used the "-kun" and "-senpai" suffixes). Now she also calls him "My Love"(it's so cute!) or "Dear"(it does sound sweeter in French).


  • Yumi's favorite color is purple.
  • She thinks everything she makes is not that good, but knows she can improve.
  • Yumi is French.

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